Friday, May 15, 2015

We are expecting a baby!

2015, SG50 definitely is gonna be the most remarkable, memorable and lovely year for Wifey and I^^


There are some who may have already known that we are expecting. My name did not turn up on the list of those who will be going overseas during the end of the year for work, therefore many there were many speculations that Wife and I have gotten ourselves a SG50 baby. While that is true.. it was really really hard for me NOT to tell anyone at my workplace, because everyone just kept asking and probing lolx. The person i could and had to tell was my immediate supervisor, because i needed him to get me out of the overseas list.

I could still remember the both of us being very very shocked and surprised that the pregnancy test kit showed positive! In the end.. we ended up taking the test with 5-7 other pregnancy test kits of various brands lolx, with all of them showing the same positive signs =)

After double confirming, triple confirming and even quadruple confirming that we are really pregnant, we were like kinda lost momentarily for .... 10secs? we were like... "now do what ar?" LoLxx~ Lostttttt... and best part is, you can't tell anyone about it until the first trimester is over!

I immediately looked for my best friend =, and frantically searched for a good/recommended gynae. But there were loads of them... all packed with good reviews... *sweat* in the end we decided on Dr. Chen Lin Han, who delivers at Mt. Alvernia (which was where i was born too^^). So far, no regrets on our choice, as Dr. Chen Lin Han was really professional and attentive to our worries and questions (although he speaks a little bit too fast at times ahahha).

In just a blink of an eye we have past our first trimester! Everything has been great! Baby is developing well and healthily. We recently received the Harmony Test results and it shows that everything is normal too =) We even got to know the gender of our baby from the test and it is............................... *SECRET =X

Hee~~ I plan to unveil a little at a time of our baby ^^

Lastly, thank you all for your well wishes and blessings, Mich and I felt it, and i am sure our baby must have felt it too!

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