Sunday, April 13, 2014

Malaysia Local Delights! @ 224 Tanjong Katong

My wife and i love "street food" and Lok Lok is definitely one of our favourites!

However, you no longer have to travel all the way to Malaysia just to eat Lok Lok! They can be found right here at Singapore!!!

The queue is SUPER LONG! Imagine us having to wait for approximately 1 hour before we can get a seat.. and reservations are not possible, unless you have 7-8 pax then you can reserve a table. But trust me, the wait is worth it!

Oh ya, while waiting, we could drink 'for free' (because its buffet style, so the drinks are free flow) even though there is this possibility of us leaving without eating lolx. But its kinda cool though, they are not stingy about these things and very friendly too! Makes their service excellent!

We were given quite a few soup base to choose from, such as Satay Sauce, Tom Yum, Ma La (Sze Chuan spicy style), Laksa etc. And obviously we had to order the Satay Sauce~ I mean.. What is Lok Lok without Satay Sauce right?! ^^

The other soup we got was the Tom Yum soup, which in my opinion is a great choice as well! The Tom Yum is quite tasty, not the 'anyhow' kind (if you get what i mean haha).

The instructions from the lady-in-charge was to cook our food in the Tom Yum soup first before dipping them into the Satay Sauce. I mean, its kinda logical because the Satay Sauce would really cook the food very thoroughly, so making sure its properly cooked in the Tom Yum sauce before dipping it into the Satay Sauce would be 'safer'.

There is a huge variety of food to choose! However, they only have 1 per stick, meaning, if you wanna get the quail eggs, there is only 1 quail egg per stick lolx. But it really isn't that bad at all, because it is buffet style, you can grab as many sticks as you want. And by doing this, the shop prevents customers from wasting food as well.

They will impose a $1 fine per stick if you waste them. Or else, if you don't, you will get a 4% discount LoLx~ quite a cute 'rule' eh haha.

I was kinda into the angry bird thing hahahha. It taste very normal la~ Just that its cute ma LoLx

The green chilli with fish meat was awesome! check out the huge chunk of fish meat in there! its SO SO SO MUCH MORE than those normal "Yong Tau Foo"stores out there!

Hee trying to make a moustache and ear picker for Omupie ~~

All in all, Malaysia Local Delights is a great place for people who love Lok Lok! It is not very pricey, about $27 per pax with free flow drinks and all that. But you can expect the queue to be really long, so be there early to 'chop' seats if not you can expect a waiting time of about 1hr~

On our way to Malaysia Local Delights, we chance upon a very cute cafe/restaurant!

Hee, the wall is sooooooooo cute! I heard from Omupie that this place serves pretty inexpensive but good food! Gotta try it soon!!! Tanjong Katong is a place worth exploring for great food!

Hee~ Selfie #1 for the day!

Selfie #2!

Can't wait for our next great food exploration day! ^^

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